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How To Hold A Great Wedding Right In Your Back Yard

Who needs an expensive wedding venue anyway?

Zimbabwe wedding venue ideas – Not long ago this year in 2011 i was invited to a wedding in Greendale, Harare. This unique and rather refreshing wedding was a home wedding. It was hosted right within the yard of a home. About 300 guests attended the wedding which was well planned i must add.

After attending this wedding i got to discover that there could actually be a growing trend of holding weddings right in the back yard in Zimbabwe. This is usually the back yard of the groom’s home and can also be of the bride-to-be. It’s all about what is agreed and what is traditionally acceptable to the two and their families.

The real reasons why some couples are taking this root are quite varied. They range from wanting something small and unique (even though what i attended wasn’t really small), running out of venue options due to delayed bookings as well as an attempt to drastically cut on the cost of a wedding venue.

This article i did on “What you need to know about Harare wedding venues” will give you an insight on the general state of things including cost as it relates to Harare wedding venues.

Once the venue cost is eliminated it appears the couples who take this route will have substantial savings to invest in their decor, catering, hiring and so on. It means the decor will be well covered to completely transform a home environment into something magnificent. Your hiring depending on season might not even include a tent as everything will be open air.

In my observation i realized that this is a good idea which however has some pre-requisites if the back yard wedding is to come out great. First of all depending on the number of your guests you will need a relatively huge yard to accommodate all your guests comfortably.

You will also need enough parking space also based on the number of guests you are inviting to the wedding. You will also need portable ablutions to serve all you guests without a lot of pressure on your already limited home ablutions. At this particular Greendale wedding they hired portable toilets and had their neighbor accommodate all guest vehicles.

You will also need a nice garden or maybe something that plays well into your theme. For example old rusty, broken and abandoned cars and heavy metals may certainly create an amazing part of your wedding. You just need the right decor and design person for it. Once you have determined that your venue will be in your back yard, you can start some work well in advance to improve your garden if need be.

One thing i learned in the Greendale wedding was that the couple received a lot of community support. It appears this was one strength of the wedding planning. All the neighbors played a part in making the wedding a success. This may or may not happen in every other wedding.

As mentioned some offered parking space and so on. I would say a back yard wedding is much easier to plan and host when the number of guests is much much smaller say 50 to 100 people perhaps maximum 150 guests.

Should you be seriously considering this option, you will need to resolve the following things based on number of guests expected;

  1. Garden sprucing up
  2. Portable ablutions
  3. Parking
  4. Tent (optional)
  5. Chairs
  6. Decor
  7. Crockery
  8. Catering
  9. Photos (this will likely be done at some photo venue elsewhere such as Celebration Centre)
  10. Ending time (residential areas sensitive to noise issues)

Only time will tell if this will become a major trend in Zimbabwe.


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