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Meet Taman Kosas Gardens Wedding Venue

One of Harare’s top wedding venues loaded with breath taking higher altitude scenic views.

As known by now, we specialize in wedding venue reviews here on ZimBridal. We endevour to unlock certain aspects of any given venue good or bad to the benefit of our readers and the venues themselves (that is in terms of giving respect were respect is due and stimulating improvements where that is needed). In the following paragraphs I break down Taman Kosas Gardens through the critical eyes and tools of  our review standards. We hope by the end of this post you would have arrived at a position whether this is a venue for you or not.

Viewing of the venue is by appointment only on Tuesdays 2-4pm and Saturdays 10am-12noon. I have included some pictures of the venue below for your appreciation.


In this post am not doing a review per se of Taman Kosas Gardens. This is because we are not issuing a rating as we do with all reviews right away (see venue ratings). We have a pending visitation to the venue which will help us arrive at a final rating as soon as it happens. Suffice to say, this is an up-market venue of very high standards. For today, am doing a piece to introduce you (for those who haven’t known the venue as yet) to this great venue in the outskirts of Harare.

In fact, I happen to have had an opportunity to attend a wedding held at Taman Kosas Gardens just as we entered the year 2012. I had a very close loved one based (then) in Germany wedding at this venue. This is to say I have been there physically and experienced the facility with a wedding going on. I also had an opportunity to have a lengthy chat with the venue owner discussing a range of things about the venue itself and the state of the bridal/wedding industry in Zimbabwe in general.

Now, Taman Kosas Gardens is located off Mtoko Road which is essentially an extension of Enterprise Road. The venue is found at Plot number 13 along Cromlet Road. The full directions to the venue which are clear and concise are found on the map below. The map comes up as the very last slide in the slide show.

Scenic Views

If you are an outdoor person who appreciates nature, you will instantly fall in love with Taman Kosas Gardens. The venue is simply endowed with some wonderful views. The venue is located at a higher altitude which gives it ab amazing panoramic view of many of its surrounds including the plain below. You get some of these views when standing at certain locations within the property. In fact, I could see “tiny” cars traversing Mtoko Road from one of the best positioning at the venue.


Taman Kosas Gardens has a maximum capacity of 300 guests when using a tent and up to 500 when opting for a garden wedding. I can tell you right way that if you have a December wedding or anytime during the rainy season you will need a tent. The area (locality of venue) can have some pretty heavy rains; there is just no way you could take a reasonable chance and conclude it won’t rain if your wedding is during the rainy season.


Taman Kosas Gardens offers both ceremony and reception facilities. There is no indoor facility for the reception. Instead, love it or hate it the venue exclusively employs Rooney’s tents for your reception. It has permenant ablution facilities which were really kept in descent shape during my visit there at the wedding. There is also a bridal changing room and a catering point where all your meals team and bar will operate from.

Photo Shoot

No worries here. You have some of the best facilities and scenery for photos in town. As explained already, you have a lot of scenic views and well kept facilities to work with when it comes to your photos. You just need the right photographer (we recommend Wild Productions)and you will have the job executed.

What does it look like?

Good question and with that here are some shots of the venue all credit going to Taman Kosas Gardens for these pictures.

[flagallery gid=55 w=590 h=550 skin=afflux name=Gallery]

Sample Quote

Download Taman Kosas 2013 Package => | {title} ({hits})


Viewing of the venue is by appointment only on Tuesdays 2-4pm and Saturdays 10am-12noon.

Do we recommend the venue?

Absolutely, I think Taman Kosas Gardens is a superb venue. The customer care is excellent. In fact, we had an incident during that wedding I attended were someone got hurt and the venue owners were extremely receptive and willing to help. That’s how I judge if a venue is worth its salt.

All the best should you pursue this venue for your function or wedding. Let us know how it goes! (that is good or bad)

Call the venue on +26377 821 8364


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