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How to secure ZRP Horse Drawn Carriage (Wells Fargo) for your wedding

In case you didn’t know the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) through their Equitation Section at Morris Depot in Harare hire out a Wells Fargo  horse drawn chariot for special romantic events such as weddings. Contrary to popular belief the chariot is actually drawn by mules and not horses in as much as in common language many call them horses.

The process of securing this romantic vehicle is straight forward and easy to follow. We paid the ZRP Equitation Section at Morris Depot a visit to find out more about how to go about it. As a footnote, they have some fantastic PR over there. It was no push to get the necessary information. Apparently, there is only one Wells Fargo available. So whatever time of the year your wedding is coming ensure you apply early.

Zimbabwe ZRP-horse drawn Carriage

Bride & Groom about to board ZRP’s Wells Fargo chariot.

The service is charged on an hourly basis. The first hour starts counting the moment you get on the carriage vehicle. The current hourly rates are US$230.00. This applies roughly to an 8km radius from Morris Depot. Any distance further than that there is an additional flat fee of US$200.00. The carriage comes with a coachman (driver) and 3 other staff. That makes a total of four staff.

Let’s say you wanted to use the chariot in Ruwa, you would be required to supply an ensured 7 tonne vehicle to ferry the mules and the chariot to and from your venue. There would also be required at your destination venue a suitable loading bay for mules.

With this in mind let’s see how things would look cost wise if say you were going to use it for only an hour.

US$230 (hourly rate) + US$200 (hiring fee) + US$30x4pople (1 day subsistence allowance) = US$550.00

Now if you were using the chariot around Harare you would typically drop the hiring fee of US$200 and pay a total of US$350.00. They will need to access how far your venue is from Morris Depot. By the way Morris Depot is located close to 10th Avenue is Harare.

How to Apply

Securing the chariot involves making a written application to the mentioned Section. This is a written letter typically indicating the location and date of your event. The police will then confirm the availability of the carriage. There is no up front deposit to be paid. The rules are that the full amount should be settled before the appointed date.

You may contact the Equitation Section by phone on +263 773 736 766  or +263773 033 790

Image Credit:- Inspiration Park Venue Christon Bank Mazowe

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