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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Zimbabwe Garden Weddings

Wanting to avoid the trouble of dealing with too many service providers for your wedding?

Ed: 2013 update pending please contact venue for up to date terms and fees

Harare wedding venue – Zimgardens as it is also commonly known is located in the Chisipite area of Harare. It is a wedding facility built on 6 acres of prime land in this relatively up-market area of Harare.

Just as so many wedding venues in Harare, Zimbabwe Wedding Gardens is a privately run Harare wedding venue which specializes in weddings and wedding related events such as anniversary celebrations.

There are clearly many advantages you can derive by wedding at Zimbabwe garden Weddings. I talked about these in the following paragraphs of review. I have included some high quality pictures to give you visuals of what to expect at ZimGardens. All contact details are at the end of this review including a downloadable package. Let’s get on with the review.

Your ceremony at the pool side. (pic: zimgardens)

I gave Zimgardens a visit in great anticipation of what i would see since my last visit some few years ago. Just as many wedding facilities in Harare, i found some interesting developments strengthened by a stronger currency. Based on what i observed, Zimgardens owners have in a big way successfully created a one stop wedding facility.

They envisage a situation were wedding planners will find everything they need at their venue. They call this a one-stop-shop wedding venue facility. Unlike other venues that have exclusive partnerships, agreements and understandings with a variety of service providers, Zimgardens actually owns and controls different departments that will cater for your wedding.

Your ceremony at the pool side- another angle. (pic: zimgardens)

For example, they have an in-house chef and cooking facilities for your food. They have an in-house decor department that looks into your decor issues. They have a hiring and equipment department that also handles your tables, chair and tent.

This means the only items or services you have room to bring in from outside are your photographer and DJ. However, when i visited they had an optional outsourced photographer and videographer which you are free to take up or bring your own.

Zimgardens decor – olive theme. (pic: zimgardens)

Zimbabwe Wedding Gardens has a maximum capacity of 1500 guests. This means you can have the biggest African wedding you can dream of. The venue offers three options when it comes to your ceremony venue within the property. This is namely the pool (pictured), the African Gazebo and the open garden.

Of the three ceremony venue, the pool side ceremony is the most popular with wedding planners. Your reception will be in a marquee which can fit your desired number of people. There is no indoor facility for your reception at Zimgardens.

Zimgardens decor – pumpkin gold theme. (pic: zimgardens)

Your photo-shoot will also be at the venue where there is an excellent garden for this purpose. I asked to be shown a typical package for a 300 guest wedding. I picked this number as i have found many times to be the average guest list for many Zimbabwe weddings.

Just a note here to say that wedding packages at Zimgardens are incremental by the number 50. This means there is a ready quotation for a 150 guest wedding, for a 200 guest wedding, 250 guest wedding and so on up to 1500 guests, as mentioned, which is the maximum capacity of the venue. The cost of your wedding at this venue rises or falls with the number of guests.

Zimgardens decor – top-table. (pic: zimgardens)

Zimbabwe Wedding Gardens is a very busy venue during most parts of the year. Your booking will have to come very early and your security of venue by a 50% deposit of total amount. Balance will be required before your wedding.

In terms of customer service, i felt the staff and management have a keen interest in hosting successful weddings and went out of their way to have me understand what they really do.  They also have vast experience hosting big and small weddings, African and non-African weddings alike.


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