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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Windmill Country Manors

Far away from madding crowd. Would you have finally found what you are looking for?

2013 Update: major renovation work has been going on at Windmill Country Manors since late 2012 to make it an even better venue, according to the venue owners who contacted us. Please use the following paragraphs that were written in 2011 to get a general overview of the venue and for reference purposes only. It will be necessary to contact venue/visit venue to have a look at the latest developments. Pictures of the upgrade will be added as soon as the renovations are completed. Please note the downloadable package is however current (2013).

Harare wedding venue -Windmill Country Manors is one of Harare’s well considered venues. On my visit I had the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of the facility in the context of weddings and functions. I was checking out and asking the assistant I found on site how this venue would respond to certain types of weddings from the smaller ones to the ones fitting its maximum capacity.

This is one venue that has everything available on site. Most of the services that we often look for elsewhere I found already included yet also optional. In the paragraphs that follow I also include  itemized quotations of different sized weddings for your download. This of course comes together with the pictures that I took on this trip. These pictures are inserted within the review.

Just a note to say the pictures below were of certain strategic areas that I thought matter in your decision making. I was fortunate to find a tent still up from a previous wedding. The shots of the tent will hopefully give you a better idea of how your tent will also look when erected.

Don’t forget the contact details of the venue that are found at the end of the review. Let’s get started!

Located in the Glen Forest area of Harare and next to the main road to Domboshava Windmill is amongst popular wedding venues in the outskirts of Harare. The venue is essentially a farm whose facilities have been opened up to host weddings. I gave Windmill a visit to check out what they have to offer to readers.

I classify Windmill Country Manors as a mid-range venue based on an post i did earlier here called What You Need To Know About Harare Wedding Venues. This essentially means the venue falls in-between the budget venues and the up-market exclusive venues. This also means you have a decent wedding venue at Windmill which can get you closer to a dream wedding. See my article on 5 Top To does for a dream wedding.

When I arrived at Windmill for this particular write-up there had just been a wedding there the previous Saturday so the venue was essentially in a tear down and clean-up mode. Nevertheless, the friendly and helpful attendant on site took me in and showed me around. To start with, this venue is a distance out of town, down Borrowdale Road and past Hatcliffe as if you are going to Domboshava. It is indeed a long drive from town. This makes it automatically “free” of uninvited guests, I suppose.

Your tent is set-up on a slab very close to wedding section entrance

Once inside I discovered that the actual section of the property used for weddings is smaller than things could possibly look from outside ( update: please note venue is being upgraded capacity wise in 2013, there is a lot of space around the  farm which is now being utilised to expand the venue). The venue as mentioned is a farm and the remainder of the property is firmly dedicated to farming activity. There is a slab surface inside on top of which a tent or marquee is erected. Due to its size there was reason to make maximum capacity of the venue 500 guests only.

500 seater tent from another angle from wedding section entrance. Bridal party cars drive over this drive way.

What Windmill offers are the venue grounds and optional services such as catering, tent, chairs, tables and so on. This means apart from providing the venue Windmill is also a comprehensive hiring business. I was made to understand that unlike so many wedding venues in Harare, Windmill does not impose its equipment on you. You are still free to only engage Windmill for the venue grounds and go on to outsource services from other service providers for almost anything else apart from the grounds.

Other venues in Windmill’s category such as Garden of Peace in Westgate, for example, require that you hire everything in-house. For your catering, Windmill even offers cooking facilities including a kitchen for your caterer to do everything onsite.

The attendant who appeared to be well versed and richly experienced in facilitating Windmill weddings told me that produce from the farm such as vegetables and chickens are even often available for sale to wedding planners at the venue.

Should this be in your line of planning it’s something you may consider following up with the venue.

Part of Windmill wedding venue garden

Windmill Country Manors offers four distinct packages of namely 150 guests, 250 guests, 300 guests and 500 guests.

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As is usual there will be a deposit required to secure your date at the venue. This venue includes your photos as well. Even though its not a big facility, there is a section of the yard which has been well kept for photographs.

Part of the garden with a water feature. Green houses in the background are in the neighboring property.

This area is clearly rather limited and will leave you with very limited options compared to exclusive venues such as Pabani, Mahobohobo and Raintree amongst others. Should your concern be power cuts, the venue offers a back-up generator at an additional cost to yourselves.

At Windmill your ceremony will be held on a special deck set over a water feature specially designed by the venue owners for this purpose. This is not a natural feature. Its made by hands of man! There is also a second water feature in the garden for your photos.

I didn’t have any uneasy feelings of doubt about their service. At least the reception that I received was great and hopefully that will also be your experience.

You may contact Windmill Country Manor by phone on +263 772704026/0772339641 email :-


Harare wedding venue review

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