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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Parwizi

Brand new upmarket and exclusive venue away from city life and endowed with nature.

Have you heard of Parwizi? Parwizi (by the river) is a brand new upmarket and exclusive wedding venue located some 30km out of Harare just off Mutare highway in Ruwa. I had an opportunity a few days ago to go out and meet with the venue owners Ryan and Aggie Berry some wonderful folks who are on a mission to add in their own way, in my view, to the exclusivity and intimacy of weddings Zimbabwe.

I had quite a lengthy chat with Ryan and Aggie about this new venue over and above being taken around on a tour of the 13 acre property. Like many upmarket and exclusive venues in Harare, while not really in Harare Parwizi is really an extension of the couple’s home in Ruwa. This is to say the owners reside at the property. It’s a venue that has been in the works for sometime now. The results clearly speak for themselves.

Just a digression here, if you have noticed, many great products and services of our time have come out of the creator’s frustration with their experience with an earlier encounter with a product or service. So is the case at Parwizi. This is a venue in its own way that has been inspired by the couple’s negative experience with a venue at their own wedding a few years ago

Venue Capacity and Features

With a comfortable maximum capacity of 400 guests, Parwizi has a massive water feature relative to the venue size which is really the source of the name of the venue. It’s an artificial river that feeds into a dam. The dam is kept full to capacity all year round using a system of reservoirs. The venue is really embedded in the natural dense forest of Ruwa ushering in  this amazing feeling of being out there with nature away from the hassle and bustle of city life.

If you are someone in search of nature, the lovely outdoors or something unique you are well positioned to fall in love with this new venue.

Ceremony and Reception

There is a bit of spoiling for choice here when it comes to areas you can use for your ceremony or reception. You can have your reception under Msasa trees apart from the available garden areas were you can pitch your marquee. The venue owners have plans to soon construct a deck over the water feature which you will also be able to use to exchange your vows. Everyone else will be following your nuptial vows from the banks. This deck could be ready sometime in 2013 according to the venue owners.


Rest assured this department is covered. Totally insulated. You really have so many options to work with at Parwizi; from the dam itself, a water fall feature, some terraces and natural typical Ruwa granite boulders. Your experienced photographer will create a memorable record of your wedding or function in this regard. We recommend Wild Productions or Scotty Photography for this job.

Terms & Conditions

Parwizi offers a package that is inclusive of your tent, chairs and tables. This is to be provided by Bliss Hiring or Rooney’s. Ryan and Aggie argue that this is done for back-up purposes and quality issues. Your catering will also be provided for by an in-house partnering caterer – Sarah Lilford whom we have interviewed here on the blog before. You may get to know more about Sarah by going to this page.

Your package at Parwizi comes with a creatively constructed bridal changing room. It also includes a 7 Kva stand-by generator ready to kick-in in case of a power loss. This generator, so I was told, will not be able to power a band but will be sufficient for your PA/DJ’s power needs. The venue also has a kitchen from which the caterer will be working from. Sarah does not cook at the venue but uses the kitchen to serve the food. The following is a summary of necessities the venue provides;

  • Cold room
  • Kitchen
  • Changing room
  • Stand-by generator
  • Bar area
  • High capacity Car park


General Comments

Parwizi is a brand new venue. At the time of my visit in late September 2012 the venue had just hosted their first wedding two weeks prior. If you are looking for something fresh and for a change this is newest kid on the block. The venue has set itself as an exclusive and upmarket venue. The downside could be the distance from Harare if distance matters to you.

In my view its really a give and take. Travel a little longer out of town and gain the exclusivity and natural environment that awaits at the venue. Remember that being a new venue, there are few things still to learn on the part of the management. So again there is a possible downside to this. Pioneers tend to deal with all challenges and birth pangs associated with a new venture! All the same, I give my full endorsement for your late 2012 or 2013 wedding at Parwizi.

Download their 2014/2015 Packages


Parwizi Package 2014-2015
Parwizi Package 2014-2015
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Parwizi Package 2014-2015
Parwizi Package 2014-2015
Parwizi Package 2014-2015 Package.pdf
Version: 2014-2015
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