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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Palm Tree Gardens

A strong contender in your quest to find a decent venue around Harare

Zimbabwe wedding venue – A fairly new venue located in Snake Park just outside of Harare, Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens has a maximum capacity of 500 guests. I would describe this venue as one of those venues that are simple, descent and promising on delivery.

In this review i talk about venue features, pricing, terms and conditions and also have included a downloadable package for 2012. I have also included some high quality pictures to give you visuals of what to expect at Palm Tree.  All contact details are at the end of this review. Let’s get on with it!

It is off the Harare- Bulawayo highway just after Pamuzinda Highway along Marwede road. Following the trend this is a private residence it has been opened up to private garden weddings.

Ebenezer Palm Tree gardens Harare

Part of Gardens

The property has capacity to give you two venue options for your wedding reception. Your wedding ceremony/church service will take place at a specially designated location closer to the main entrance to the venue. Your wedding photo shoot will occur just close to this ceremony venue where the venue owners have put up some plants and flowers for wedding photos.

This is really a compact venue. Locations for different things are closely placed one next to the other. As mentioned,for example, next to the main entrance is the ceremony venue which is also next to part of the car park. The other end of the ceremony venue is the photo garden. The reception venue is behind the main residence which is located somewhat in the middle of the property.

Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens Harare

Driveway from the gate, palm trees on the sides

In terms of the general beauty and maintenance of the venue, it is a well kempt property with green lawns particularly at the ceremony venue. True to its name, there are several palm trees within the property which greatly enhances the natural beauty of the venue.

There are no water features on the venue – natural or man made. At least at the time of my visitation this was the case. I however worry about the compact nature of the venue and its ability to hold an event of say 300 or 500 people without disorder of any sought.

Palm Tree Gardens

Reception Venue

For example, the car park and the ceremony venue are very close together. It is likely that cars parking in and outside the venue will time and again draw attention away during the wedding ceremony. I have not proven this, it’s just a possibility i have considered which looks likely.

Overall the venue is very decent. It’s a very good wedding venue. It is well paved with a nice driveway. You wouldn’t have to worry about dust and mud, for example, through the seasons. Everything else not paved is covered by either lawn or well managed grass.

As i see it, the garden set aside for your photos still needs much work to improve it. By all means it is decent but is somewhat limited and your options might not be that great. The palm trees can come in handy, I suppose.

I just wonder how it will be possible to take photos in such a compact place without also capturing guest activity in the background. Perhaps, its possible to “drive” everyone away and get clean shots using the nice palm trees!

Latest 2013 Review
There is now available latest review of this venue done in 2013 with new pictures and an update on the latest developments at the venue. Read it here.

Palm Tree Gardens is one of the few venues in Harare still offering the venue solo without requiring that you take the entire package which includes their tent, chairs and tables.

I however find that in most cases it will end up being a give and take in the sense that due to distance from Harare, you will likely go with their equipment hiring too which is stored at the venue and has no transportation cost.

Palm Tree Gardens is almost a one stop shop when it comes to your hiring needs. The only service not covered in their quotation is your catering which you will need to bring in yourself. This also applies to other services such as photography and videography,wedding cake and so on.

Download latest Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens Package for 300 people  |300 Guests Regular Quote (6919)

The venue however has one further disadvantage. In as much as it looks nice and well kempt inside, it’s general neighborhood is somewhat shabby and somehow suffering from general neglect. Unlike the venue itself, its environs show signs of severe wasting away.

This means as your guests are traveling there that same wonder will likely grip them until they drive into the property. As i drove down Marwede Road to the venue seeing this neighborhood i was in deep wonder as to what my end was. To my relief i found the venue perhaps a better standard of what a neighborhood should be!

The venue management is based in town back in Harare which is rather a convenient arrangement for all your further inquiries and payments,maybe, should you decide to take it up. You may contact them via email using our instant email form below.

Expect great service. That was my experience during both my visits to the town office and again at the venue. Should you find things different you may always come back here and leave your thoughts.

Venue contacts: +263 4 251686-8, 0712 730 168, 0772 100 111, 0772 241 033

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