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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Pabani

New venue, exclusive, up-market, wow your guests.

Harare wedding venue – Probably known by very few people Pabani is Harare’s rather latest addition (2011) to a list of growing exclusive and up-market wedding venues. It is located, again, in the Umwinsindale area of Harare. It is in location a neighbour to Mahobohobo and Raintree wedding venues.

Altogether it wasn’t easy to finally  find Pabani. I could say I found it by accident. In a big way ZimBridal through this review has publicized Pabani. As you will discover in this review, the venue made it clear to me that they will not do all out advertising preferring word of mouth discovery.

This was a visit and a half. I reveal my encounter in detail in the paragraphs that follow along with it my personal shots taken of the venue. I also talk about what I feel to be the downside of the venue. Contact details for Pabani including a downloadable package appear at the close of this review.


Pabani main entrance

The background to this venue is that it was previously a private residence which was ten turned into an amazing wedding and functions venue. As a matter of policy, in my chat with the event manager responsible for running the venue, i discovered the venue will not be advertised. It’s growing visibility has been essentially through word of mouth.

Just as you would find with many of the exclusive venues in this area, the venue is surrounded by extensive Msasa woodlands. It possess this unique and mesmerizing tranquility worth paying the price for. Hopefully, the pictures am including here speak better than my limited description of Pabani.

Part of the drive-way

As i arrived at the gate and going up the drive-way i had this sense of a slow-motion revelation of what the venue is and has as i went up the hill and everything slowly coming into full view. The suspension is captivating.

It certainly gives your guests this looking-forward-to anticipation with the venue surely delivering once everything has been revealed. Farayi, the event co-ordinator, told me this is what drew many wedding planners to want to come here. Something unique, something not too many people are used to. Due to this, i was told, some were even planning on a come-back for their wedding anniversary.

A view into the garden

The venue has no natural features beyond the Msasa tress and being set on a hill. What’s most captivating about it and rather unique is the inclusion of the Msasa trees into a well matured garden with beautifully manicured lawns.

On the venue is the main house which is thatched. At this point in time this house in out of bounds but gives a wonderful complete picture of the facility. It is however accessible for photos outside on the other of its wings. Am told photographers particularly like that side of the house (see a couple of pictures below).

Part of Pabani garden. You can use this garden for photos

Pabani is located altogether some 20kms out of Harare’s CBD. It is wedding venue that can host maximum 500 people. Amongst its other features is a swimming pool with a deck next to it. It is at this deck that some couples have had their ceremony. There is no indoor wedding hall. All your wedding will have to be done outside in the open air or under a marquee.

Your reception marquee will be set-up here

The preferred tent provider for Pabani as you might have already guessed is Rooney’s. The  event manager for Pabani told me that again its all about issues of back-up capacity and quality. She was clear that under no circumstances would the venue allow any other company to do your tent.

In fact she is the one who told me a story, which i mentioned elsewhere here, about a tent knocked down by a storm just a few days before the wedding. This had been put up by Rooney’s and they were swift in replacing everything including the lining that had been spoilt by mud. She wondered what would have happened if the initial tent had been set-up by someone with no capacity and an incident like this occurring. I also wondered.

Ceremony on the deck next to the pool

There are some spot lights dotted all around much of the venue especially the section that you will be using for your wedding. These spot lights have to be connected by an experienced technician. Pabani has an in-house recommended person who does this job. Apart from the tent which is strictly Rooney’s at this point in time, all your other services may come from your preferred wedding service providers.

All that Pabani offers is the venue, the grounds. Everything else you will have to outsource. The venue has a complete list of preferred service providers covering wedding planners, caterers, florists and decor, bar service, entertainment and hair-do.


A closer look at your ceremony venue on the deck

There are thatched gazebos onsite which the bride and groom can utilize. There is therefore available the bridal dressing suite and a grooms room. The is also a gazebo next to the pool and the deck extends from it. This can be used as your bar if you so wish. An important point to note here is that Pabani offers no high volume ablutions. For a big wedding such as the ones we have here in Zimbabwe you will need to hire portable toilets.


Steps to the private residence. Great place for photos here

There are already special locations on the venue set-aside for your portable ablutions. This will be at your own cost over and above the venue fees.

To wed at Pabani you will obviously need to secure the venue very early. I predict that going forward this venue will become extremely difficult to secure for late comers especially in the high season. It has a flat fee of $3000.00 as venue hire. This means regardless of wedding guest list size the fee is standard. It also makes Pabani cheaper than Mahobohobo for smaller weddings.

The back-wing of private residence accessible for photos

Half of the venue hire amount is required to secure venue with the balance payable exactly a month before you wedding date.

Download Pabani wedding package => Meikles Wedding Package 2013-2014 (3402)

Here are my final thoughts on Pabani;


– great garden, unlimited photographic possibilities
– unique, excellent environment
– venue fees balanced in view of what’s on offer
– great exclusive hide-out at 20kms out of town
– great customer service, event co-ordinator will be available on the day


– hired ablutions tend to spoil aesthetics and are unnecessarily costly to hirer, venue must consider constructing additional facilities.
– fairly new venue, glitches may occur


Pabani is a nice place to consider for your wedding. I highly recommend it. It was a pleasure talking to the event co-ordinator at Pabani, No pushing hard to get what I wanted to know as my bad-taste experience with certain Crowne Plaza staff. Farayi, gladly took me around showing me this magnificent wedding venue.

Download venue comparison sheet for  Mahobohobo and Pabani wedding venues => Meikles Hotel Bar Price List (2038)

Download a detailed comparison chart  => {title} ({hits})

You may contact the venue by phone +263 772 285 156 Farayi  or by EMAIL through the contact form below.


Harare wedding venue


Contact Pabani Quick & Easy Through This Form

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