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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Over The Moon

Here it is finally. The long awaited review by many of our readers.

Ed: 2013 update pending please contact venue for up to date terms and fees

Zimbabwe wedding venue – I was once again in the Umwinsindale area of Harare visiting a few more wedding venues. I would say the entire Enteprise Road has fast become Harare’s wedding venue belt. Put differently, it has become Harare’s wedding venue “metropolitan”. There are clearly so many venues concentrated along this key arterial road into and out of Harare. Talk about ZimGardens, Gecko Gardens, Pandhari Lodge, Highlands Park, Orana Gardens, Pabani, Mahobohobo and Raintree amongst others.

Before having gone to Over The Moon I had heard much about this venue and drove down there in great expectation. First of all because it is located in Glen Lorne/Chishawasha area and secondly as mentioned due to the hype amongst different ones.

Well we went, we saw and now the results. I have included some high quality pictures to give you visuals of what to expect at Over The Moon as well as clear directions to the venue. Contact details are at the end of this review. Let’s get on with the review


To the left lawn of the track will your marquee be setup

This time i was at Over The Moon a venue which we have had numerous requests from avid ZimBridal readers that we look into. So finally, thank you for your patience here is your long awaited Over The Moon wedding venue review. Over The Moon is right at the Chishawasha turn-off when driving down Enterprise Road. It is a fairly easy venue to access even using public transportation.

In the background is private residence, in view is the lawn also available for your ceremony

I had never been to this particular venue before. I had my own imaginations of what it could possibly be after all the talk, requests for review and you name it. I give my overall opinion of it right at the end of this post.

To begin, the venue has a capacity to take maximum 300 to 400 guests.

Over across the track on the lawn is your reception venue from another angle.

It has no indoor facility. It is an exclusive venue in the sense that it has one large open reception area on the lawn where you will pitch your tent/marquee for your guests for the reception. It holds one wedding at a time. There is a separate area that you will have for your church service/ceremony.

Part of the garden used for photos

Talking about the tent, i understand only Rooney’s and Bliss Hiring are preferred hiring companies for your tent, chairs and tables especially the tent(s)/marquee. So i was told by Ken the venue event co-ordinator. You are welcome to bring in your other equipment from any other service provider you might wish to.

What Over The Moon is currently essentially offering you are the grounds. As part of your venue fee of $1200.00 (Sept. 2011) you will also get access to a beautiful garden for your photos. You will also have access to a changing room for bride and bridegroom. Also included are two VIP only ablutions located within the residence on the venue.

For the rest of your guests you will be required to bring on site portable ablutions. This will be an additional hiring cost to you. In terms of how much time you will have on the venue, you have the whole day and night until 9pm. No activity can go on after this time as the venue has neighbors across Enterprise Road to consider.

Beautiful palm trees

In terms of your catering, this also is your responsibility as the venue offers no catering services. You are therefore free to bring in your catering person just in the same way as your decor, DJ, photography and videography as well as sound system.

As mentioned, to secure the venue you need to pay a total of $1200.00. . This is apart from a refundable $150.00 security fee. Your total venue fee is therefore $1350.00 (Sept. 2011). Your first payment will be $300.00 and another $300.00 will be expected within 30 days and the final amount 30 days before your wedding.

More garden

The venue has no generator, this means you will have to bring along a stand-by generator in case of power cut. This was rather astonishing considering that almost every venue in Harare has invested in a generator. I wonder why this has not been the case at Over The Moon. It appears however that it’s something that will happen soon.

Overall, Over The Moon is amongst those Harare venues that are yet to exploit their full potential. The road to the venue from Enterprise Road though accessible is really in disrepair and loaded with poor aesthetics much of the way. I imagine it can be muddy during the rainy season.

At some point, for example, i followed the winding dirt road right through a religious shrine (not part of the venue) before i got to the venue. Apart from demeaning this religious shrine, these two perhaps need to be kept separate.

Your guests will likely wonder what is happening to them until they enter the venue premises. Only then will long anticipated decency and order likely come to your guests. This is exactly how it was with me as i drove down to the venue.

In my humble view, the venue needs to invest a little more into this little track from Enterprise Road to the property. Even the signage is not that clear.

Due to these considerations and others to do with overall facility issues, i classify this venue as a lower mid-range venue regardless of its Glen Lorne/Chishawasha/Umnwinsindale location.

In my experience visiting different venues, in a big way the venue fee is a great tell-tell of what type of a venue it will be. Generally, the lower it gets rest assured the aesthetic will be very weak because it costs money to maintain a great venue.

This by no means says you won’t be able to have a great wedding at Over The Moon. Certainly you can. In fact probably you will but just know what to expect in as far as venue aesthetic in concerned, especially that dirt road 🙂

This is a very busy venue and you will need to secure early. Clearly, many people still find it a great wedding place indeed.

You may contact Ken for venue availability, viewing and latest pricing in case you are reading this after September 2011. His number is +263 772 338 411. Ken is not on email.


Harare wedding venue

Ed: 2013 update pending please contact venue for up to date terms and fees


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