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Harare Wedding Venue Review – Mazowe Sailing Club

Beautiful open views of the Lake. Thoughtful ceremony location. What if something more could be done?

Ed: 2013 update pending please contact venue for up to date terms and fees

Zimbabwe wedding venues – Mazowe Sailing Club (Lake Chivero) is located on the shores of Lake Chivero some 30km out of Harare. After I left the launch of LakeFront wedding venue just a few kms up the road i proceeded down to Mazowe Sailing Club hoping to check it out for the purposes of a review.

I happen to arrive whilst there was already a wedding going on. This limited how many photos I could get out as I was eager to get only clean shots without much guest activity.  Also out of respect, i didn’t want guests at a private wedding to appear on this blog without their direct involvement.


What was important on this visitation was to test key signals that help us rate a venue and also to see if i could get some shots of key features to accompany this post. Well that was achieved.


The main feature at the venue is the Lake itself. This water body gives the venue some meaningful value overall. It is located right on the edge of the Lake giving you unlimited access to the Lake to the extent of easily putting your feet in the waters on the shores. This could not be done at the time of my visitation to the new LakeFront venue also on the shores of this Lake.

The venue does not offer any garden style wedding. Its location and set-up does not appear to permit this. It has some steep challenging terrain at certain parts of the property, at least those in use for weddings right now. With some landscaping investment, the venue can however be improved on. It can easily be a star venue way beyond what it is today.

The venue further appears very old. It is on the most part so much worn out and generally in a state of disrepair. The buildings are old and wasting away. There were no signs of any action being taken to sort this out when i visited i.e repairs, painting etc

Wedding Ceremony

As shown in one of the shots in the slideshow, the main and perhaps most attractive ceremony location is what appears to have been a docking point for boats which is structurally flat enabling your ceremony to take place on top. This location offers really breathtaking views of the Lake, it was a well thought-out conversion. I estimate it can accommodate up to 70 or so people. However, overall it still lacks some refining. It has very needy finishings.

When using this venue there are some speed boats on offer for your bridal come-in. In fact in this case the bride had come in this way. I took a close up picture of the speed boat in the slideshow below.

The venue assistant told me that for your photos you can take a boat ride to Hunyani Hills, Wingate or St Giles. This appears to be the common approach for most weddings.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception will be on the club’s veranda. As I arrived I found the wedding reception just starting as guests were seated on this veranda reception area. The entire space looks rather compact.

Security & Controls

It was clear to me that this venue has absolutely no controls. Driving in, parking and walking to the club’s reception area I deliberately slowed down hoping to be stopped for some checks by somebody. This just didn’t happen. I found my way right to the wedding reception area, if i had intended to, i think i would have easily landed myself the day’s meal!

Rest assured, should nothing change in this regard your wedding can easily be invaded by people that normally pack the recreational park next door to the venue. Apparently this side of Lake Chivero is a public hive of activity during weekends.

Venue Terms and Conditions

This venue can be secured for $1200.00. It includes a boat cruise for 5 people and a boat ride for the bride. $200.00 will be the deposit to secure the venue. These rates are as of October 2011 and are likely to remain unchanged into 2012.


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Customer Relations

Customer service was too casual for anything serious. I was given an A4 flier with more details about the venue. In Zimbabwe today there is a general slothfulness when it comes to customer service. I have found it particularly bad with some wedding venues. This one was no exception at all.

I found the assistant to be engrossed in what appeared to me to be of no consequence compared to an inquiry from a potential customer. To her credit she did, after I had given her a barrage of questions, finally take me around and she explained a few things before I let her off to view the rest of the venue on my own.

Then there is the name of the venue itself. My opinion is that it’s really inappropriate and misleading considering that there is already a place near Harare called Mazowe of full plumage. These two places are in opposite directions. In full the club is called Mazowe Sailing Club (Lake Chivero) an attempt to make it clear it’s the “Mazowe” of Lake Chivero

Even though, this is still confusing and often times people just end up calling it Mazowe Sailing Club just because the full name is a mouth full. You know how we Zimbabweans like to shorten names!

Could it be that one day a guest will call from the real Mazowe area looking for Mazowe Sailing Club to attend a wedding; having taken the venue location for granted 🙂

There is much work to be done to uplift the venue it so it can really exploit its natural endowments and full potential. It’s really robbing to see it operating at this level.

You may contact the venue on +263 (0) 4 495980/+263 773 261 095 or by email using instant email form below.


Zimbabwe wedding venue reviews

 Ed: 2013 update pending please contact venue for up to date terms and fees

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