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Harare Wedding Venue – Adelaide Acres

You might just find this venue your long-awaited wedding venue. High capacity, stylish ceremony area.

Ed: post updated 26th September for 2013 bookings

I was already aware of the existence of Adelaide Acres before I finally had one on one contact with the venue staff at the 2011 Sanganai/Hlanganani Expo at HICC in Harare. It is then that I picked up their flier and had it on file for my impending visitation. Now I can say I have been there for the very first time.

Unlike other venues that I have been to before and then done follow-up reviews on, on this particular visit I had the privilege of experiencing the “first impression factor“. To me that matters. The first few seconds on contact leaves a lasting or should I say hard to erase impression.

In the following paragraphs I have some things to say about this wedding and functions venue.I have also included some 20 or so high quality pictures to give you visuals of what to expect at Adelaide Acres as well as a map to give you clear directions to the venue.Venue contact details are at the end. Lets get on with the review.


Adelaide Acres has been around for some years now. It is located off Masvingo Road along Amalinda Road not too long after the round about controlling Masvingo Road traffic near Waterfalls. The actual turn into Amalinda Road is opposite Boka Tobacco Auction floors (see map).

I do agree with the venue’s flier which says “the contrast between the tranquil of Adelaide Acres and the commotion of the Harare Masvingo road, of which the road to our entrance branches, to say the least, pleasantly surprising“.

When I got to the entrance of the venue I had to do a little bit of asking as the signage to the reception did not conclusively direct me to where I was to first report on arrival. Regrettably, the customer reception I received was rather different from what was implied at Sanganai/Hlanganani. I felt somewhat hoodwinked!

I spent 80% of my discussion with the Centre Manager standing taking notes. No comfortable place was ever offered for a potential customer to understand better what the venue was about and had to offer.

It was only after I mentioned that I first met them at the expo that I received a certain degree higher of warmth. I was left wondering why that mattered so much as to improve on the initially poor reception I had received in the first place. Taking about the “first impression factor”!


Adelaide Acres has no natural features as we know them in the context of wedding venues i.e rivers, balancing rocks, dams etc. It is built on 9 acres of land and has its core business around accommodation, conferencing , braais, recreation and banqueting.

It has a maximum capacity of 1000 guests. It has one main wedding reception area which is a reserved garden area where you can have your tent set-up. There is another wedding reception area whose slab is under construction which will also be available to pitch a tent.

The venue has one main wedding ceremony area which is a deck style elevated platform as shown in the slideshow below. The center manager told me this is the main venue for wedding ceremonies for those having their ceremony at Adelaide Acres (some couples have wedding ceremony at church and come to venue for reception).

Fees 2013

Download sample quote for 300 guests => | {title} ({hits})

The venue does not have any tents, chairs and tables save for the top table. You will need to bring these from your favorite service provider at own cost. To summarize the following items are EXCLUDED from your venue hire;

  • Tent
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Decor


Adelaide Acres insists on doing all your catering for you in-house. I was informed this stance was arrived at after a bad incident of food poisoning by a private caterer and the venue was left with blame. This is understandable, I have since discovered that whenever anything goes wrong at a wedding even when caused by the wedding planner’s own service provider, almost always the venue is badly blamed. Many couples have a hard time appreciating this fact.

Catering price is indicated in the download.

The venue will set-up adequate food points to speedily serve your guests. Should your bar include alcohol, there will be a requirement to pay 30% of your total bill with the venue as security deposit in case of breakages. The venue believes whenever there is an element of alcohol the probability of reckless handling of property sharply spikes. This security deposit will not apply should you not be serving any alcoholic drinks.


I found Adelaide Acres to have a couple of spots to use for your photo shoot. An experience photographer can work with what is available. I didn’t see any WOW photo shoot garden or anything of that sort. There were just some decent locations within the property that I identified.

It is possible to hire the venue for photos only at a  $50.00 fee in the event that you have wedded else where.


[flagallery gid=26 name=”Gallery” w=600 h=500 skin=afflux]


Terms and Conditions

The full amount for venue fees will be required to secure your date. On cancellation I was told up to 70% will be refunded but this was likely to be changed to 0% refund. The venue has a back-up generator.

The centre manager was somewhat reassuring telling me that power cuts are not that frequent in that area. Well, this being ZESA how can it be that we can go on without power backup! It is a cost you will need to be ready for.

Overall Venue Rating

Adelaide Acres is a venue that has the facilities to deliver.  However, I found it to be requiring some further polishing in terms of the overall aesthetics. The look and feel of the venue demands rather extra attention.

Overall venue hospitality also needs to be improved. I carried with me that first impression which unfortunately wasn’t the venue’s best shot. It erased my Sanganai/Hlanganani Expo experience with them just like that.

The reception area needs to be improved on, it’s too bad the host couldn’t offer me a decent seat to gather my thoughts and talk business with him. That’s also too bad for any venue which intends to be competitive in a business environment where new venues are opening literally every other month!

You may contact Adelaide Acres by email using email form below or by phone on +263 772 289 022, 0774 072 269 or land-line +263 (0)4 613926/613938


Contact Adelaide Acres By Email using Form Below

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