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Mohobohobo for sale sign on the side of the road

Mahobohobo wedding venue up for sale, calling for US$1.8 million

One of Umwinsindale’s very first wedding venues – Mahobohobo – is up for sale. After remaining closed for at least ...

Wild Geese Lodge announces 50% off all February 2016 weddings

Wild Geese Lodge recently announced a discounted rate for February 2016 weddings. According to an email sent to us announcing this ...

Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens discontinues double weddings, refines into an Exclusive Venue (in 2015)

In the hospitality industry great properties are those that take and genuinely respond to customer feedback. Many of us have learned ...

Harare Council permanently bans weddings at popular Florence Chisholm venue. Opens it up for photos. Foregoes nearly $50k in revenue. Cites resident unflagging complaints.

Once considered one of Harare’s most affordable, apt and easily accessible wedding venue, Florence Chisholm Park located in ...
Success Coach Workshop

Acclaimed Success Coach posit Zim marriages stressed. Couples merely tolerating each other instead of bliss. Cites lack of the three As. Proffers help.

Jonah Mungoshi renowned success coach based in Harare has put forward a startling assessment on the state of marriages in Zimbabwe ...

Simple tips on how to create custom invitations that reflect who you are as a couple

Custom Invitations by PMSunflower Creations Virtually all wedding couples today prefer to create their own invitations from the ground ...

Stephen Margolis Resort’s simple 2015 ode – CONSISTENCY, EXCELLENCE, QUALITY

At topmost capacity of 1200 people, Waterfalls, Harare, situated Stephen Margolis Resort is arguably Harare’s biggest registered ...

Harare Wedding Venues endure record cancellations, postponements, haggling, payment squabbles and defaults owing to a munching economy wide liquidity crunch

At one venue a service provider was forced to confiscate car keys as the wedding ended in order to get her dues, at another the owner ...

Milcox Manor matures into a renowned All-Inclusive Venue in 2015

Highlights Venue has capacity for 500 guests and 300 cars Overlooks beautiful Umwinsindale Valley Venue has a man-made waterway running ...
Wild Geese Lodge

Wild Geese Lodge provides wedding versatility and exceptional corporate events in 2015

Undoubtedly one of the most mature and exclusive venues in Harare, Wild Geese Lodge has still got its eyes fastened on delivering memorable ...

Service Provider Showcase: The Wedding Specialists

Recently ZimBridal received a visitation invitation from a fledgling decor service provider known as The Wedding Specialists. This ...

Raintree Venue’s secret to success and why it remains best-loved wedding venue for discerning couples (in 2015)

Arguably the finest venue in Harare, Raintree Venue now entering its 5th year of operations remains the most sought-after wedding venue ...